Mix-Mill Services

Product Training

Product Training

Factory training on the proper installation, operation, maintenance and repair of your machine. Training can be offered in a classroom environment at your facility, or at our manufacturing facility in Bluffton, IN. Training can also be offered on site at the location of the machine. Documentation, web site access and diagnostic tools are included.

Courses are designed to provide practical product knowledge in a hands on environment.
Bring your new employees up to speed faster. Let your good operators become the best. Keep repairs and down time to a minimum with preventative maintenance and repair techniques.
Improve your processes, end product and capacity.



Lab testing

Laboratory Testing Services

The test lab at A.T. Ferrell is fully equipped for all of your testing needs. This includes determining the proper screen size and air requirements for a Clipper seed cleaner. Particle size reduction for our Ferrell-Ross roller mills. Or feed production results for the Mix-Mill system. Simply send us a sample and see what we can do for you.

Fully functional seed cleaning equipment for sizing, grading and cleaning needs. Screen size selection and model / capacity suggestions for your Clipper Seed Cleaner
Full assortment of test rolls in wide range of corrugations to identify the specific setup your Ferrell-Ross roller mill will require. Particle size reduction for animal feed, food or industrial materials.
Hands on equipment to identify the correct model, size and horse power rating of your Mix-Mill hammer mill line.



Service Zones

Service Zones and Rates

Service zones and rates are established to aid in the quotation of these services by providing a flat rate based on customer location. Prices include one 8 hour day on site*, all travel expenses, materials and documentation. Services fall into the following five basic categories:

  • Pre-Installation Survey & Requirements Review
  • Installation & Equipment Commissioning
  • Product Training
  • Equipment Service Inspection
  • Machine Repairs and Supervision

Please contact us for details and quotes. International locations may also be quoted on request.