2-HI M Roller Mill

The Ferrell-Ross M Series Roller Mills are designed to provide an economical solution for medium duty particle size reduction. The M Series Mills are widely used for cracking or grinding grains and oilseeds in lower capacity applications that do not require continuous operation.

Standard Features: 

  • Four Chilled Cast Iron Rolls
  • Mild Steel Mill Housing
  • Removable Doors for Easy Access to Rolls
  • Pillow Block and Flange Style Roll Bearings
  • Pivot Roll Arms with Eccentric Vertical Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Spring Roll Tension
  • V-Belt Drive and Differential Packages with Enclosed Guards
  • Adjustable Motor Base Mounted to Motor Stand
  • Ten Position Locking Lever Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Belt Driven Rotary Paddle Feeder (constant RPM)
  • Adjustable Feed Gate
  • Product Sampling Ports
  • Central Lubrication Manifolds with Poly Grease Lines


  • Main Drive Motor
  • Micro Hand Wheel Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Small Surge Hopper
  • 6" Horizontal Auger Discharge
  • Continuous Interior Welds
  • Epoxy Paint

Available Sizes & Models: 

  • 10 x 12
  • 10 x 18
  • 10 x 24
  • 10 x 30
  • 10 x 36
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