Eclipse / Micro Debearder Modular Combo Unit

Both model 324 & 334 Eclipse Cleaners along with the Micro Debearder are valuable machines for many applications.  But for the Malting and Craft Brewing Industry we took it up a notch.  Designed in a modular format, a tubular steel frame supports the Debearder, optional surge hopper and cleaner in an upright gravity flow format.  The combination can be used to clean trash from both raw grain and rootlets from malted grain with a change of the Debearder drive speed.

Product enters the Debearder and is regulated by an adjustable discharge flow gate.  Stems, awns, beards or rootlets are separated from the grain and are discharged directly into the cleaner, or into  optional surge hopper.  The Eclipse Cleaner then separates out the cleaned grain or malt from the trash.  The cleaned product is discharged out of the bottom of the cleaner, or from an optional auger with 2 way bagger on the end.

Refer to the specific web page for the model 324 or 334 Eclipse Cleaners along with the Debearder Micro Series for information on Features, Options and Capacities.

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