Air Cleaner

The problem of air pollution can be drastically reduced with the installation of a Clipper air cleaner.Designed to be installed in front of a grain bin or dryer, the Clipper air cleaner helps to eliminate beeswings and dust before the bin or dryer for better drying or storage. Simple installation, with minimum costs involved can greatly reduce air pollution conditions in an existing plant. Grain is spread in an evan curtain as it flows through a controlled stream of air before it enteres the bin or dryer.

Standard Features:

  • Built in 3 sizes, vertical or angle.
  • 24" (2000 BPH)
  • 36" (3000 BPH)
  • 48" (5000 BPH)
  • Completely automatic with adjustable weighted gate.
  • Come standard with rain hood.
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