Pellet Crumbler

Technical Illustrations: 
Available Sizes & Models: 


  • 8 x 37
  • 8 x 55

Ferrell-Ross Pellet Crumblers are designed to effectively reduce pellets to a desired particle size range. The low profile design and front side roll removal allow for convenient placement in both new and existing pelleting lines.

Standard Features: 
  • Two Chilled Cast Iron Rolls
  •   Horizontal and Ring Cut Corrugation to Reduce Fines
  •   Lever Control Pellet Diverter Allows Product to By-Pass Rolls
  •   Low Profile Design
  •   Main V-Belt Drive, with Motor
  •   Adjustable Motor Base
  •   1.5 to 1 Differential V-Belt Drive
  •   Enclosed Drive and Differential Guards
  •   Heavy Duty Spring Roll Tension
  •   Bolt-on Bearings with Robust Support
  •   Rolls Removed From Front of Crumbler
  •   Roll Inspection Panel with Safety Switch
  •   Sample Door for Easy Collection