Magnet Assembly for 10 & 12 Inch Industrial Mill Models

Ferrell-Ross offers magnet assemblies as an option on all its industrial roller mills.  This magnet is designed to capture ferrous tramp metal contaminants from the product stream before passing through the rolls.  This assembly then allows easy cleaning of the magnets simply by opening the feeder door.
Magnet assemblies are available as a factory-installed option when ordering a new mill.  Retrofit kits are also available to add assemblies to existing machines.    
See the video available on our You Tube link area of our website.

Standard Features:

  • Easy to Clean Outside of the Product Flow
  • Permanent Magnets Last Forever
  • Samarium Cobalt Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Will Not Shut Down During Power Loss
  • Stainless Steel, All-Welded, Rugged Constructed Assembly
  • Adjustable Positioning to Product Stream
  • High Capture and Hold Magnetic Surfaces
  • Pre-Engineered for Fast Field Installation
  • Feeder Door with Aspiration Ports
  • OSHA Style Operator Guarding
  • Little or No Maintenance, Except for Periodic Cleaning

Available Sizes & Models: 

  • All 10 & 12 Inch Industrial Mill Models
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