18 x 12 Laboratory Oil Seed Flaking Mill

This 18 x 12 Laboratory Oil Seed Flaking Mill is designed to be the ideal mill for today,s foundation sized or laboratory oil seed flaking process (Up to 30 tons per day). This smaller sized mill is designed very similar to the heavy-duty design of our large flaking mills.

Standard Features: 

  • Two Cast Chilled Iron Rolls
  • Heavy Duty Mill Base with 24" Legs & Epoxy White Paint
  • Dual Drive Package with 7.5 HP Motors
  • Stainless Steel Housing Covers & Center Section
  • Hydraulic Pump with Controlt 
  • Roll Feeder with Stainless Steel Housing and Adjustable Feed Gate
  • Variable Speed Roll Feeder Control
  • Roll Removal from Front of Back of Mill
  • Stainless Steel Scraper Assembly with Aluminum Blades
  • Heavy Duty Springs and Hydraulic Accumulator Protection
  • 1.05 to 1 Differential 
  • Central Grease Package


  • 7.5 HP Inverty Duty Motors & Inverters for Applications Requiring Multiple Roll Speeds and or Differential Speeds.
  • Micro Hand Wheel Roll Adjustment

Available Sizes & Models: 

18 x 12

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