18 x 12 Laboratory Feed Flaking Mill

This 18 x 12 Laboratory Feed Flaking Mill is designed to be the ideal mill for today's foundation sized or laboratory steam flaking process (up to 2 tons per hour). This smaller sized mill is designed very similar to the heavy-duty design of our large flaking mills.

Standard Features: 

  • Two Cast Chilled Iron Rolls
  • Heavy Duty Mill Base with 24" Legs & Epoxy White Paint
  • Dual Drive Package with two (2) 7.5 HP Motors
  • Stainless Steel Housing Covers & Center Section
  • Hydraulic Pump with Control
  • Stainless Steel Pin Feeder
  • Variable Speed Pin Feeder Control
  • Convenient Roll Gap Control
  • Roll Removal from the Front or Back of Mill
  • Stainless Steel Scraper Assembly with Aluminum Blades
  • Heavy-Duty Springs with Hydraulic Accumulator Protection
  • 1 to 1 Differential
  • Central Grease Package


  • 7.5 HP Inverter Duty Motors & Inverters for Applications Requiring Multiple Roll Speeds and or Differential Speeds.

Available Sizes & Models: 

  • 18 x 12
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