Titan 224

A eight screen cleaner that utilizes eight decks. In the top shoe the top 2 screen decks uses 3-26" screen sections with a split-scalp flow with the screens set at a 5 degree pitch.The next 2 screen decks uses 4-26 screen sections that can be either Split-Scalp or Split-Sift and are set at a 7 degree pitch.  In the bottom shoe each of the 4 screen decks uses 4-26" screen sections with a 4-way split-sift flow with the screens set at a 8 degree pitch. A total of 292.5 Square feet of screen area.

Standard Features:

  • 4" square tubing frame that is 1/4" (6.35mm) thick.
  • Exclusive electronic variable speed 1/2" throw on eccentric drive of cleaning shoes for smooth seed flow and maximum seed separation.
  • Reverse incline back fan unit to develope up to 11,000 CFM @ 5" SP. Drive setup can easily be changed to match air and electrical requirements.
  • Electronic variable speed vibratory inlet feed hopper with adjustable internal gate for uniform seed flow thru air column and onto screens.
  • New style heavy duty screen cleaning ball trays so that screens can be changed without removing ball trays.
  • 2 calibrated air gate controls that work in combination with back adjustable doors for precise air separation settings.
  • Replaceable metal screenways and rubber screen seals for ease of future repair.
  • New style shoe hangers and drive connectors for smooth counterbalanced operation.
  • Air lock discharge trash augers with bottom access door for ease of cleanout.


Small Seed                        200-500 BPH  (4.4-8.2 MTH)
Medium Seed                    400-800 BPH  (5.2-10.15 MTH)
Large Seed & Wheat         800-1200 BPH  (21.76-32 MTH)
Market Cleaning               1500-2500 BPH  (40.8-68 MTH)


Over 150 different standard screen sizes available with additional screen sizes available upon request.
Bottom blast fan for specialized or extreme air separation requirements.
Grease line package to grease machine from central location.
Various motor drive packages of 50 or 60 Hertz, TEFC or Ex-Proof
Side mounted control panel to control electronic variable speeds from one location.
Calibrated hopper gate control extended down to side of machine.

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