Engineered Without Compromise for more than 150 Years!

You would expect a company with the history of A.T. Ferrell to be steeped in tradition, and you'd be right. We're proud of our heritage as one of the premier companies providing solutions for the agriculture and food industries, but we don't rest on our past accomplishments.


Become part of an exciting team providing top notch products and support to customers throughout the world.  Employment opportunities exist throughout our organization.  We are also looking for Dealers to expand their offerings.  Give us a call to discuss!!!

We're a company that delivers on its promise year after year, through product development and service. We're an engineering company focused on functionality in order to deliver the products our customers need. We're internationally recognized for milling and seed cleaning equipment because we listen first, design second and then deliver above expectations.

You can see the difference in the engineering excellence and durability of A.T. Ferrell products. Other companies might provide “one size fits all solutions” that force the customer to make concessions. A.T. Ferrell engineers solutions that ensure that doesn't happen. By combining a history of innovation with a commitment to customer service, we can proudly say our products are "Engineered Without Compromise".

A history of innovation.

A.T. Ferrell is a company with a long tradition of delivering high performance equipment that stands the test of time. As the company has grown, it has established a reputation for providing innovative engineered solutions for separation, materials processing and recovery, feed processing and proportioning and mixing.

In fact, the company has consistently enhanced that reputation since 1869. For over 140 years, the A.T. Ferrell Company has manufactured the grain cleaners, sifting conveyors, roller mills, and steamers that farm operators, feed mills, and food, cereal, and oilseed processors use on a daily basis to bring food and agricultural products to market.

We're a company that produces long lasting equipment that is functionally superior. Many of our products are still in daily service decades after they were built. You could call it a living history. Today, we continue to be a solid and reliable company providing innovative solutions in the marketplace.